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  • URX2 UROG UCD ARCHEX CD-CCH Devlin, RN, CDX-C, AOE-L2, RL1X3, RL2X4, RL3X2, ITD, and 2011-12 UKC Rally All Star, L2 and L3. Rescued Rat Terrier


Experienced in general copyediting and medical editing (AMA style). Worked on major pharma projects through intermediate agencies on PowerPoint summaries, convention coverage, and targeted journal articles.


Proficient in writing in a voice and style appropriate to both the material and the audience. Proven abilities in information gathering, research, interviews, presenting information in an interesting and informative way—and meeting deadlines.

Web Pages

Occasional Web page design for select clients and organizations. Moving them along slowly into HTML5/CSS3 as their budgets allow.

Page Layout

Adept in layout and design in Adobe InDesign for either print or ebooks. Includes interactive PDF files and forms.

Microsoft Word Wizardry

High-end formatting of Word documents that will mimic professional page layout. Forms, mail merge, and templates hold no mysteries for me. Writing VBA macros for large-task processing is fun.


Instructor in trick dog training classes, approved obedience judge in the Companion Dog Sports Program, provisional Rally Obedience judge #7117 for the United Kennel Club (UKC),bobbin lacemaker with published patterns, pencil portrait artist, and 4th Dan black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

About M·Plank

M·Plank—Marguerite—combines a love of writing and typography with technical skills to distill complex topics into interesting and easily grasped articles, and then present them in crisply formatted, printer-ready files. She has been fascinated by writing and typesetting since she began exploring the mechanics of printing at age 12 by learning the basics of hand-set type.


Successful as a freelance editor and layout artist since November 2006, she can help you figure out the best way to finish your current project.

Why Choose M·Plank

Scrupulous attention to detail and deadlines, Client-focused and definitely not a diva.

“Marguerite is more than a very good writer. She's an excellent instructional designer with strong knowledge and ability in layout. She has worked on a number of projects for us and we will continue to use her. Excellent client skills."

Tom Held, President
MetaMedia Training International, Inc.

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity

and ...

I have worked with Marguerite for some 15 years. As an editor, a quality assurance technician, a page layout master, and an MS Word black belt, Marguerite is by far one of the most reliable and quality-oriented people a project manager could ask for. Whenever I have work come in that requires a person in one her fields of expertise, I try my best to ensure that Marguerite is a resource on that project. I highly recommend Marguerite for a detail-oriented quality job, done fairly, and completed on schedule.

Matthew Grose

eLearning Project Manager and Developer


Key and Links
Diabetes Alert Dog Alliance. Web design for new non-profit, including DB-driven trainers list and client-friendly data entry.
Anhydrous Ammonia Safety Program. Was writer / instructional designer on this free online safety course for farmers.
Blue Ridge K-9. Redesign in HTML5 and CSS3. Added a page for livestock for sale in this version.
Roscoe Turner, Aviator's Guild Main Selection. Promotional copy for the McGraw-Hill Book Clubs.
St. Mary's Spiritual Center and Historic Site. Recently applied “fresh paint” to the Web site.
Tae Kwon Do Classic Forms: Written by my teacher, Grandmaster Ted Hillson; it’s a steady seller on Amazon.com.
Chronicle of the Horse. Coverage of the Middletown (Delaware) Pony Club Horse trials, with photos I took.
Fundamentals of Korean Karate. A new book by Ted Hillson, on the building blocks of martial art practice.
Structural Steel Design, Civil Engineering Update Main Selection. Promotional copy for the McGraw-Hill Book Clubs.
Harding's All-Round Collection of Jigs, Reels and Country Dances. Facsilmile reprint with a new Foreword by Rodney Miller.
Create Your Own Virtual Reality System. Electronics Book Club Main Selection. Promotional copy for the McGraw-Hill Book Clubs.


I have successfully completed projects for the companies below.

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These companies have used my services for clients that include BBraun, Genoptix, GlaxoSmithKline, Illinois Fertilizer and Chemical Association, the Johns Hopkins University, Marriott International, NCCCR, Novartis, NovoNordisk, OPCMIA,Teva Pharmaceuticals, and USIS.

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